2021 we are celebrating 30 years in business

Celebrating 30 years of supporting businesses in achieving quality and other standards. J. W. Allcock Quality Management Consultancy was founded by James Allcock.


The business grew from initially supporting one or two precision engineering clients to develop and maintain their quality systems to expanding into various other business sectors including construction, transport, electronics, warehousing etc


Richard Allcock joined five years later. A few years later the word ‘Quality’ was removed from the company name and the business has continued to grow both in the number of clients and diversified number of standards that J. W. Allcock Management Consultancy provide support for (quality, environment, aerospace, defence, automotive, medical, amongst others).


This is now the foundation for our continued growth and expertise in the consultancy support that J. W. Allcock Management Consultancy provide.

Wednesday 3rd February 2021