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    Health and Safety

    Health and Safety Consultancy Services

    J. W. Allcock Health & Safety Services include:

    Conducting workp lace risk assessments at our client’s premises

    Conducting machine risk assessments at our client’s premises

    Conducting fire risk assessments at our client’s premises

    Conducting Safety Tours and Safety Audits

    Preparing Health & Safety policies

    Preparing Health & Safety manual including arrangements for the planning, organisation, monitoring and review of health & safety arrangements

    J W A Management Consulting can assist with all of these issues. We provide a wide range of fully tailored solutions to assist our client’s comply with their legal duties.

    The penalties of not complying with health & safety law can be serious:

    • Unlimited fines, to be paid straight from profits
    • Individual fines and jail sentences
    • Director disqualifications
    • Publicity of prosecutions, leading to loss of orders and damaged reputation

    Small to Medium Enterprises (SME’s) can rarely afford to employ a full-time health & safety manager or advisor – that’s where we come in. We provide health & safety services and advice as and when needed, giving SME’s a cost effective health & safety solution.

    Organisations must carry out and maintain regular risk assessments under health and safety law whether you are a large, medium sized or small organisation. A properly conducted risk assessment helps minimise the possibility of your work activities harming the environment or those who work in.

    Carrying out risk assessments yourself can take time and some areas might require specialist knowledge. You may not be sure that the exercise is really complete and meets the requirements of the regulations.

    J W A Management Consulting can arrange for a qualified safety practitioner to carry out risk assessments on your behalf. Our assessment may take the form of a general risk review, or may involve a more detailed analysis of a specific hazard.

    We can also assist you in developing a health & safety management system to either meet your in-house objectives or to achieve accreditation to a recognised standard, such as:

    • ISO 45001: 2018

    We do not prepare complex manuals that are difficult to read and use. Simple flow charts and limited text are usually all that is needed to record and implement a management system. This way they can be understood by all employees and easily put into practice.

    We can support you from developing the initial concept of your Safety Management System, right through to achieving accreditation with external auditors.
    For those organisations who also have Quality Management Systems such as ISO 9001: 2015, we can ensure that our design of your Safety Management System will be integrated rather than parallel to your existing format if required.

    Health and Safety in Business

    Every employer is under a statutory duty to arrange for a "competent person" to assess all risks arising at the workplace, or created by work activities.

    Whatever your starting point, with the right systems in place you can be confident about the safety of your employees and your legal compliance.

    Health and Safety Solutions

    We can examine your existing arrangements and advise where improvement might be needed and how best to achieve it.

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